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As Muckleshoot Indian Tribe’s enrollment numbers increase,   the Muckleshoot peoples day of extinctions grows near. As our "blood Quantum" (percentage calculation of Tribal blood) falls below established minimums. Extinction becomes a reality to be witnessed in just a few more generations.


History documents that the total “elimination of all Indians” was a popular option in the early 1800s.  Isaac Stevens as Governor and superintendent of Indian affairs negotiated treaties with tribes as a second option. Negotiations included “Tell the chiefs if they don’t sign this treaty they will walk in blood knee deep.” interesting negotiations, huh.   


Excluded from treaties was the historic travelling and intertribal alliances made by the native population. Blood ties were cut and sometime completely severed. Creating smaller populations set in motion the goal of elimination, although much slower, the result was inescapable.   The goal of the reservations was to limit the interaction between natives and whites associated to the "nomadic" lifestyle, the days of living near the sound, mountains, or plains depending on the season and needs, ended. It also eliminated the familiar relationship with other tribes. .New borders and set reservation established by the treaties set in motion the goal of extinction of our race, by creating smaller sub population. Two hundred years later that goal may indeed succeed. As blood quantum establish fewer natives our agreement toward eradication is fate.


We cannot let this issue fall from sight; we must educate our family and friends on choices we need to make.


Things we can do; accepting other documented Washington tribe’s blood as part of our quantum, changing the percentage, amount of Indian ancestry… or what ever? Choices need to be made soon. What choice do you make?


Bring to an end, the extinction of our people!





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Fawn J. made the roller derby and first match coming   Feb. 21st 6p Auburn Skating Rink
 www.dockyardderbydames.com I do not remember the last time  I seen roller derby, sound cool.
Congtrats and good luck> see ya there.
Some 70 degree weather sound good, does it not!
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Shout out; Congratulations to Donnie Jerry New Member Muckleshoot Tribal Council!
Count down starts for Florida 2009 February 1st.

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Another year(wow!)

Live is too short when time flies by fast as this last year has. Without fail tomorrow’s always hours away, so don’t waste too many.
take the time for; family, friend, and an ocasional "whiskey" drunk momment.(not in order of importance) Over-indulgence is not required, just key.
I was just saying! Anyways "what’s up"
I am out, it’s almost tommorrow.
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